About Nova Patra

In 2014 Nova Patra quit her corporate job in Hong Kong to become a adult-niche webcam model. That single decision set about an incredible chain of event that led her to become one of the world's most fascinating content creators to date.

Although Nova continues to dabble in the adult-niche space she has since taken her brand to face a much broader audience.

Currently she has 50000+ followers on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube and is known for her social media savviness. Her social stories and content engage thousands of user a day as she tells the story of an authentic young women seeking liberation from out-dated life practices.

Her main focus is now her audiences on Youtube and Twitch.TV. Her Vlogs on Youtube have grown in popularity and she has garnered over 30000+ subscribers since launching her channel in fall of 2016. Her channel has over 1,100,000 views and is growing at a rapid pace.

In 2017 Nova Patra became a Twitch.TV partner where she spends three nights a week live streaming video games such as Hearthstone and Online Poker. Her partnership was activated in June 2017.


Nova enters the adult-niche

To understand Nova Patra you must first understand her intentions. She entered the adult-niche as a means to deliver spiritual teachings in her own way.

Instead of following every other content creator who practices light-work, she entered a niche where she would stand out. To make an impact on people who are less likely to be exposed to high-vibe teachings.

And she doesn't hide the fact that it was an easier transition financially leaving her corporate job while living in the world's most expensive city – Hong Kong.

Nova creates very unusual content that isn't often scene in the adult-niche. It is certainly not your average “porn”. Much of what she does is catered to an audience that plays video games which synergizes with her desire to build a community on Twitch.TV – the world's biggest video game live streaming platform.

“When people watch my videos they don't know if they are watching a video game, playing a video game or watching someone else play a video game, its meant to be a mindfuck.

Similarly its hard to know when I'm live and on what platform. I'm nowhere but I'm everywhere all at the same time.

Is this a youtube video? Is this a twitch stream? Is this cosplay? Is it adult? Is it a film? is it a vlog? Is it amateur? Is it professional? Is it porn? Is it art? Should I be masturbating to this?

Those are the questions I want my audience asking as they dive deep into my life, story and shared experiences.”


The Viral Video

In May 2016 Nova launched a video called “Forgets to turn off her Twitch stream and faps.” This was a pay-per-view adult video designed to look exactly like her Twitch live stream. At this time she had only briefly developed her Twitch stream audience and community such that she didn't have much intention to continue there.

The video entails a female Twitch streamer who is ending her livestream and preparing for bed. The character “forgets” to turn off her stream (which has some real world context, its happened to others in an innocent way) and proceeds to watch porn and masturbates on screen.

The video is actually very tame relative to what's out there in the porn world. It barely even shows anything. It's the psychological aspect of it that makes the video extremely provocative. An innocent girl accidentally masturbating in front of the world.

Three months later, the video had been selling on her pay-site but eventually caught the eye of a writer from dudecomedy.com.

Instead of writing an article about this creative adult-content creator, the blog post was titled “Nova Patra Accidently Mastubates on Twitch Stream”.

To add some context, Nova's acting in this video was very realistic in that she pretend to talk to her community, making up fake names and pretending its a real stream just like she would if it had been real.

The public fell for it big time. On August 8, 2016 Nova Patra woke up with 4000 new Instagram followers as the story was picked up by Break.com and countless other channels.

The video was featured in dozens of Youtube videos claiming it was the biggest “fail” of all time. Unbeknownst to many, it was actually one of the greatest viral ad campaigns known to the modern marketing world.

The clipped video had over 100+ million views world wide. Nova Patra became an overnight internet sensation. Memes were created and many stories told without a single fact checked.

99% of people believe it was a real accident, but anyone who understands the Twitch Terms of Service would know her account would be immediately perma-banned and it still exists today where she streams on a regular basis.

The video never touched the Twitch servers and it should be obvious by now but Nova still receives daily cries of hatred, “You should know there are kids on that site”. She sees it as both a blessing and a curse. This single video has allowed her to ride the wave of vitality and reduce her adult webcamming schedule to less than once a month.

Nova hopes that people soon realize that it was not real and that they give her some credit for the brilliant marketing that it truly was despite it being adult-natured.

“I hook them in with the bait, and then I deliver the teachings. I promote love, compassion, plant-based diets, wholesomeness, yoga, mediation, spirituality and more. I'm a real master-baiter.”

I'll update this area as the story continues to evolve. For now you can turn the next page by following me on social media for a deeper look into my life and story.